Book Review: Until I'm Yours

Until I'm Yours (The Bennetts #4)
by Kennedy Ryan

The world knows her face . . .

Mean girl. Goddess. Bitch. Supermodel Sofie Baston has earned those labels . . . yet they don't scratch the surface of who she really is. Before she can follow her own dreams, Sophie must do her daughterly duty and reel in a "fish" for her father's business-a tall, brown-eyed entrepreneur who immediately hooks her. He's a big guy with an even bigger heart . . . but will that heart be open to Sofie once her darkest secret is revealed?

. . . but only one man knows her heart

To Trevor Bishop, Sofie is a beautiful mystery he would gladly spend his life solving. He figures her tough demeanor is armor against a world that's hurt her too many times. Then Sofie's deepest wounds are reopened by the powerful, ruthless man who made them. When she musters the courage to take him down, her world shatters. Now Trevor is determined to help Sofie pick up the pieces so they can build a future together. The challenge will be convincing his ice princess that it's safe to melt in his arms . . .

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Until I'm Yours generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I've followed The Bennetts series from the very beginning so it's with great conviction I state Until I'm Yours is my absolute favorite of the series without question and who really knew after knowing what I knew coming into this story. This contemporary romance told from the alternating, first person points of view of both hero and heroine provides lush story telling so full of rich descriptors, metaphors, and connotations. With two characters unlikely to ever to find each other, a cat and mouse game ensues where both hero and heroine are the unchallenged predators embarking on the challenge of a lifetime. Until I'm Yours will make you laugh and cry, it breaks you apart and heals you all at once.

Kennedy Ryan masters the art of letting her readers in the secret without ever saying the secret aloud. It's a beautiful thing to feel the dread, contempt, and longing for a sliver hope about a long-buried secret right along with the character but never fully know until said character is ready to reveal. It's a certain magic of Ryan's rich writing, how she draws you into the story twisting your preconceived notions and making you FEEL EVERYTHING from the very first word.

I have never read a hero and heroine the likes of Trevor Bishop and Sofie Baston. Ever. One you immediately fall in love with, the other makes it really hard for you to fall but once you take the plunge it's a fall so worth the wait. Two people who's intimacy is truly unmatched when it comes one another. They want all of each other, something only one was prepared for in life while the other other didn't know that kind of intimacy existed.

"Everyone has a story." Kennedy Ryan made this true for Sofie Baston in the most profound, distinct way. A gorgeous supermodel, hardened by her upbringing and habitat, showing the world only exactly what she wants. Totally in control whether the consequences of that control are helpful or harmful to her reputation. She's course, crass, and makes no apologies for who she is or what's she's done. Pure brutal honesty comes from Sofie to the point you'll find beauty in her hardness, in her ingrained cynicism. This outward attitude just so happens to be completely reflective of an even more profound inner bravado that when unleashed the potential of that strength she leaves dormant will make her untouchable. There's a protectiveness in her that she doesn't quite yet understand. She's beyond strong and that strength shines through brilliantly when Trevor Bishop casts his light on her, empowering her, believing in her.

And Trevor Bishop? A feminist, an alpha, an intelligent man with a passion, a man who wants a deep, meaningful connection who will stop at nothing to get what he craves because he believes in what he sees inside of Sofie. No other person has believed in Sofie until now. He's so intelligent and passionate and GOOD he fuels something stagnant in others by encouraging them to better themselves. As an admitted apathetic to certain social, world politics Trevor's passion for it sparks something in me - a true testament and mark of intelligence and awareness in Ms. Ryan's gorgeous writing. And while Trevor sparks this in readers it's his challenge of Sofie, his dare for her to expand on that strength and prove to the world she's more than the superficial they believe makes her a formidable woman. Makes him the ultimate romantic. His character is light and funny. He's a creature so foreign to Sofie and he knows it which plays right into his allure. He makes want you want to believe in true, honest-to-goodness love and the flame that love stokes inside you. From the very beginning, Trevor is empowering. He believes and takes action.

This book reaches depths so low for these characters, a low you'll feel down to your soul thanks to Kennedy's amazing writing. The metaphors and descriptions highlighting their romance make the book so rich in words. The high from this is unlike any other reading experience I've had.

There's an immediate urgency to the relationship between Sofie and Trevor stemming from an instant, undeniable attraction. That urgency is a craving I believe all of us romance readers wants from love stories. This urgency to seek each other is brilliantly juxtaposed with a slow, almost torturous build to something strong, lasting, and beautiful. Kennedy Ryan exploits that urgency creating a brilliant, smart, and entertaining story with her beautifully stylistic descriptions; vividly painting the picture as though I watched the story play out live. Having followed the series from the beginning it was great to see the past from Sofie's point of view, awesome to see her conversations with Walsh and Kerris and so gratifying to see where she's come from versus where she'll go. And Trevor's character brings new secondaries to the story that also enhance the experience.

The results of my reading Until I'm Yours have me convinced Kennedy Ryan's magical writing is a step above the rest. For me, this is her BEST BOOK to date. Full of substance, intelligence, wit, critical thinking, character development, and beautiful romance - so profound I am moved by this incredible story. I went back immediately and re-read highlighted passages until I finally read the last 30% all over again. Yes, emotionally moved. This story is one of my favorite contemporary romance books I have ever read thanks to it's uniqueness and rich, meaningful writing. If you haven't yet experienced the storytelling of Kennedy Ryan, I implore you to do so.

**NOTE**Until I'm Yours is book four of a series. You do meet Sofie in previous books but it is not necessary to read the series before reading this book. The author does a great job of providing the back story so you get the full picture. With that said, the series is a great one and Kennedy Ryan's writing develops so gracefully over the course of it that you'd gain great pleasure from all the books.

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