Book Review: Cleat Chaser

Cleat Chaser
by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell

Kyrie Kent hates baseball. She hates players even more. When her best friend drags her to a Ravens game, she spends the innings reading a book… Until she gets a glimpse of the closer—a pitcher who draws her like a magnet. Fighting her attraction to Easton Holliday is easy. All she has to do is keep her distance, avoid the ballpark, and keep her head down. At least, all that would have worked, but Easton doesn’t intend to let Kyrie walk so easily. When another player vies for Kyrie’s attention, Easton will swing for the fences. But will Kyrie strike him out or let him steal home?

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Cleat Chaser generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Baseball romance stories always spark my interest so I felt excited to read Cleat Chaser by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell. This book is light, sexy, and fun from start to finish, perfect for a lazy, reading day. Told from the dual 1st person points of view of both hero and heroine, the story flows easily and reads quite fast. Aaron and Howell's writing a great combination of witty and sexy.

Kyrie Kent follows a once bitten, twice shy mantra in her life. Burned once by a ball player her cleat chasing days are way behind her. Easton Holliday after many unsuccessful romps with cleat chasers finds something in Kyrie he's been missing. It's insta-attraction between the two and not without a little meddling and pushing from their dating friends.

I dug the baseball references a lot as they were plentiful really enhancing the sports romance. I loved Kyrie's attitude and Easton's charisma. Together their banter was entertaining and the cat and mouse that ensues from their attraction was fun. Both characters have their work cut out with the other but each makes it work. There were many times in the beginning I found myself smiling at Kyrie's disinterest, it made her more intriguing as a heroine. Their friends enthusiasm was contagious for me as the reader adding good tension release and funny anecdotes to the story. And Easton's sister, well she comes on really strong adding crude charm to the story in an oddly comforting and intriguing way.

There were a few eye-rolling moments for me when Easton said or did something I felt no man would do and a couple of times I wanted to shake Kyrie for making unjust assumptions based on her past or contradicting herself within the same page. Their attraction went from lust to love really fast for me I would have liked to see a little more development in their relationship.

However, overall, this likable story is a light, sexy romance with abundant humor. There's no shortage of hot, sexy times between Easton and Kyrie and really the secondary characters too. I recommend for sports romance lovers who want a quick, dirty, fun ride on the baseball wild side.

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