Book Review: Some Sort of Love

Some Sort of Love (Happy Crazy Love #3)
by Melanie Harlow

From the outside looking in, I had it all—a career I loved, a supportive family, the Nixon metabolism but not the Nixon ears, and a salary that supported my lavish taste in designer shoes, fine wine, and lacy lingerie … but I had no one to share it with.

Until the day I ran into him—my one night stand from college with the crooked smile, let’s-get-out-of-here eyes, and dirty, dirty mouth.

Cute and cocky then, today Levi Brooks is six feet four inches of hot bearded fantasy. A sexy single dad with broad shoulders, strong hands, and a fantastically big … heart. (I mean, it’s massive. And generous. And it pumps so hard … um. Sorry. Lost my place.)

Being a good father means everything to him, but he's keeping me at a distance because he thinks I deserve someone better — a man who can give me more time, more attention, more of himself. He doesn’t believe he could ever be enough.

But he's wrong.

He’s everything.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Some Sort of Love generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**

Melanie Harlow's Happy Crazy Love series is contemporary romance with a flair for fun drama, hilarious anecdotes, and sweet romances. The sisters Nixon are three formidable women who's honest, witty personality's capture the hearts of readers and their men who need a push in the sustainable relationship direction. Jillian Nixon, oldest of the Nixon women, is no different during her quest for a happily ever after. Levi Brooks hails as a man who knows what he wants but is unsure of how to let himself get to the other side.

Troubled and fearful because of rocky past and challenging yet rewarding present, Levi Brooks finds solace and comfort in Jillian's strong character. For Jill, there's never been such a fire in her life like the one Levi stokes. Through a series of scheduled romps, honest and heartfelt conversations about the state of play in their lives, Levi and Jillian form a bond you can't help but connect to as a reader.

These two characters coupled with Harlow's excellent, cohesive story telling make for a really fun romance story. The attraction is quick leading to a sudden need and how the two navigate these unfamiliar relationship waters will leave you laughing and reeling. The plot of the two's relationship is a truly honest portrayal of two people in the positions of Levi and Jillian. It makes you admire these two characters for who they are and what they give to others outside of themselves. The hardships in Some Sort of Love are understated but no less challenging and real as Harlow creates beauty out of hard situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thanks to the easy flow of Harlow's writing and how fun she makes her stories I was able to finish the book in one afternoon. If you're a fan of the series, a lot of goodness comes from Skylar and Sebastion as well as Natalie and Miles in Jillian's. The Nixon sisters are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their men. Levi and Jillian are up in a life-changing sort of way proving that Some Sort of Love does not disappoint.

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