Book Review: The Billionaire Bachelor

The Billionaire Bachelor (Billionaire Bad Boys #1)

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Indecent Proposal

Manwhore. That's what the board of directors-and the tabloids-thinks of billionaire bachelor Reese Crane. Ordinarily he couldn't care less, but his playboy past is preventing the board from naming him CEO of Crane Hotels. Nothing-and no one-will keep him from his life's legacy. They want a settled man to lead the company? Then that's exactly what he'll give them.

Merina Van Heusen will do anything to get her parents' funky boutique hotel back-even marry cold-as-ice-but-sexy-as-hell Reese Crane. It's a simple business contract-six months of marriage, absolute secrecy, and the Van Heusen is all hers again. But when sparks fly between them, their passion quickly moves from the boardroom to the bedroom. And soon Merina is living her worst nightmare: falling in love with her husband . . .

TeriLyn's thoughts: **The Billionaire Bachelor generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

You've the heard the story before since it's a fairly common romance book trope. First there's a billionaire playboy who's in a bit of a pickle because of his reputation. Then there's the unassuming woman who's in quite the pickle herself a pickle not coincidentally the billionaire caused likewise not coincidentally the billionaire can help alleviate. I'm sure you can guess what comes next: yep, marriage of convenience so each of them can get what they want. If you're worried I've spoiled the story, I haven't, this is all in the blurb. 

My point in expressing the above is that this story drew me in from the blurb. Something about it had me asking for the title and I'm so glad I did. The potential here to be trite or cliche was great but The Billionaire Bachelor was absolutely not for a number of reasons. Jessica Lemmon's gift for storytelling took me by storm. I was consumed with the story and felt nice and light reading her contemporary, standalone take on the billionaire and his bride. 

Jessica Lemmon does billionaires from the third person point of view. I love this POV and Lemmon's penchant for writing it was awesome and done so intelligently. It's not simplistic writing yet so simple to read. Her story-telling kept me glued to the pages from start to finish. The Billionaire Bachelor isn't overly angsty, dramatic, dark, or sad. Rather it's light and easy to read, easy to feel invested in as a romance lover. It's just two people hardened and cynical by life who find something in the other born out of an arrangement mutually beneficial to both. 

Jessica Lemmon does character development so very well. Both hero and heroine had so much to give their readers. Their motivations were believable, not contrived or forced. Their passion for their careers and eventually each other is integral to the plot. Lemmon humanized the billionaire in such a subtle way it was nothing short of spectacular. Their passion felt real from beginning to end sizzling beneath the words as their relationship developed. Their banter amuses and makes things fun. Their coldness towards each other makes the lust burn brighter. Their eventual friendship is comfortable and perfect. I can't say enough about the progression of this story and how fitting and perfect I thought it was. 

Jessica Lemmon does aloof billionaires who melt the panties. Reese Crane. Just his name is delicious and totally representative of the man behind it. He's powerful, confident, sexy, and quite witty when he lets it show. But the boy is insecure about relationships bringing him back down to earth. His father and brother, whom you'll meet, ground him even further. The changes in Reese coupled with his personality made him oh-so-hot. He's not a billionaire with a darkness just a cynical, no-holds-barred attitude. To see him melt at the feet of a woman he least expected was so gratifying for me as the reader. 

Jessica Lemmon does feisty heroines. What's better than reading about a woman who can stand on her own two feet? Who isn't needy and insecure? Who sees the depth of people she gets close to and wants to bask in it even the less than flattering parts? Merina Van Heusen was the perfect heroine for me. Confident, sexy, intelligent, and able to go head to head with the powerful billionaire she's fallen prey to. But has she really? She proves equal footing and humanizes Reese even further. I adored Merina. I love her loyalty, her passion, and her kindness. 

If you love sexy billionaires with an attitude; if you love the feisty heroines who can take them on in less than desirable circumstances; if you love a great supporting cast and a couple "villains" thrown in; if you love stunningly written dialogue and prose in an outstanding story structure all in the third person perspective - you don't want to miss Jessica Lemmon's stand alone, first in a new series The Billionaire Bachelor. I cannot wait to read more of Lemmon's books and continue reading about this particular billionaires brother with the next installment of the series. So grateful for the chance to read this.

Lori L. Clark

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