Book Review: Seared on My Soul

Seared on My Soul

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She’s so young, so full of life…

I couldn’t let her die…

Even if she made the world’s worst coffee.

Emily Garret never asked to be rescued, let alone by a walking JCrew ad whose idea of fun is probably managing his stock portfolio and watching the nightly news. Then again, she never thought she would wind upside-down in a ditch after a night having a little too much fun.

Reece Montgomery never planned on being anyone’s hero, especially the foul-mouthed, bleach-blonde barista from the local coffee shop. He thinks there’s more to Emily than her tattoos, and lip ring, but getting close means letting her into his past and meeting his ghosts.

And he’s not sure she’s ready for that battlefield.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Seared on My Soul generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

**Review may contain mild spoilers, reader beware.**

This was my first Cole Gibsen book and certainly won't be my last. The premise and plot of the story kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end. Gibsen's lovely style of storytelling from the alternating first person pov's of the two main characters kept me thoroughly engaged and interested in where the characters journey would take me. Both hero and heroine, Reece and Emily, two broken souls who find something in each other they would have never expected were compelling and interesting.

A lot of healing and decisions need to be made for these two to have a healthy relationship. Their chemistry flies right off the pages and into your reading heart though. Seemingly nothing in common leads them to find they have more alike than either would have thought. Their strong personalities and insecurities alike make them a charming couple. The romance here is beautifully executed while each character holds their own in both struggle and feeling peace.

Emily is a great heroine. She's feisty and independent yet she's confused and afraid of making real choices in her life. Suffering from chemical dependence she dulls her issues with alcohol and makes a very dangerous decision. Reece meets Emily is the most unfortunate of circumstances resulting from that decision. Dealing with PTSD and plenty survivors guilt Reece isn't well equipped to be whole with someone else as he's not whole himself. How the both of them find each other and find comfort each other was so satisfying even when they're a ticking time bomb.

There's so much to enjoy about this book. There was a common romance trope used near the end that I found made the story more cliche than these characters deserved, however after completing the book I understood greater about the insecurities of the characters and why they simply needed what happened to give them the shove they both needed to be stronger individually. Awesome banter interlaced with well motivated inner dialogue put Gibsen's writing in a well deserved spot from me.

I look forward to reading the book about two secondary characters from the story. And honestly would love a novella or a continuation of Reece and Emily's story. I think there's a lot to explore with these two and it would be awesome to see how their journey progresses. A good read for fans of contemporary romance who enjoy characters with many flaws yet perfect charisma when coupled with the right person.

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