Book Review: The Bourbon Thief

The Bourbon Thief

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From the internationally celebrated author of the Original Sinners series comes a brand-new tale of betrayal, revenge and a family scandal that bore a 150-year-old mystery

When Cooper McQueen wakes up from a night with a beautiful stranger, it's to discover he's been robbed. The only item stolen—a million-dollar bottle of bourbon. The thief, a mysterious woman named Paris, claims the bottle is rightfully hers. After all, the label itself says it's property of the Maddox family who owned and operated Red Thread Bourbon distillery since the last days of the Civil War until the company went out of business for reasons no one knows… No one except Paris.

In the small hours of a Louisville morning, Paris unspools the lurid tale of Tamara Maddox, heiress to the distillery that became an empire. But the family tree is rooted in tainted soil and has borne rotten fruit. Theirs is a legacy of wealth and power, but also of lies, secrets and sins of omission. The Maddoxes have bourbon in their blood—and blood in their bourbon. Why Paris wants the bottle of Red Thread remains a secret until the truth of her identity is at last revealed, and the century-old vengeance Tamara vowed against her family can finally be completed.

TeriLyn's thoughts: 

5+ Stars 
**The Bourbon Thief generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

As intoxicating as the drink itself, The Bourbon Thief entranced me from beginning to end. No surprise when it comes to this gifted author. A story of great love and great loss laced with revenge and mystery. Tiffany Reisz creates yet another world where her readers become entranced and enthralled with a being a part of it. We're drunk off the story as she's weaving it. Her gift and raw talent for telling stories within stories is untouchable. Here beautiful prose tells the brilliant story surrounding the fictional Red Thread Bourbon where great bourbon lead to great wealth as a result of great tragedy and greed. And the debauchery continues. Cursed because of greed the gluttonous history of Red Thread Bourbon unfolds brilliantly captivating readers. 

The story told within the pages of The Bourbon Thief is best consumed without any prior knowledge of the story. Go in with no expectations and find yourself immersed in the brilliance. If you've read Tiffany Reisz novels before you're familiar with her brilliant, one-of-a kind style of story telling. If you're not familiar I believe this book is a really great place to start. It's grand in the structure of the plot, unfolding mysteriously through the eyes of someone in present day relaying a beautiful love story from the past. Reisz incorporates her usual flair for the taboo and forbidden elements. Intermixed with a story of devastating pain and unbreakable love she creates a world where you literally don't want to leave. You're haunted by the ugliness of it while equally enchanted by it's charm. Like sitting around a fire with a good glass of your favorite poison so involved with the story you're being told you have no idea how many hours have gone by. 

Tiffany Reisz is a favorite author of mine. All of her books are favorites of mine. Her characters are one of a kind. This particular story is unlike anything I've read before. So familiar to Reisz' signature style yet so different from her previous works. I'm in awe of her story-telling chops and the marvelous stories she brings to life creating visceral reactions in her readers. The Bourbon Thief is a new favorite of mine and I hope to spend more time in this world and look forward to wherever else Reisz plans to take me. This is a high priority, definite recommendation. I want everyone to read it. Whether it's your first Reisz book or your tenth, The Bourbon Thief is a MUST READ.

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