Book Review: Darker Water

Darker Water (Once and Forever #1)

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After another painful breakup, Laney Temple finally understands that love is a fairytale and sex rarely comes with a happy ending. She's too busy for it right now anyway--she has a business to run, art to create, and candy to crush. Eventually she'll be ready to switch from her plastic-or-silicon lover to a flesh-and-blood one. But before that happens, she needs to be sure she won't feel any of those annoying emotions that make her heart do things it wasn't meant to do...

Like break

Carson Bennett is completely upfront about what he wants, and it has nothing to do with Laney's heart. Her lips? Hell yeah. Other parts of her body? You better f*cking believe it. But her heart? Nope, not even a little. Until it does... a lot. But having feelings for someone isn't allowed. It's the kind of thing you're supposed to push down deep and cover up with one-night stands, sarcasm, and booze...

Like secrets

Two people want the same thing—a commitment to nothing more than great sex in a bunch of different positions. Simple. Enjoyable. A win-win. Problem is, those two people have families and fears and pain that spill into every moment of their lives, control what they do and who they are. And if either Carson or Laney can't free themselves from the past, they'll both be pulled under by it.

Darker Water is a stand-alone contemporary romance that does not end in a cliffhanger.

TeriLyn's thoughts: My first Lauren Stewart book and certainly not the last. This contemporary romance was equal parts fun and angsty. Told from both the hero and heroine's points of view, Stewart took us on whirlwind strangers-to friends-to lovers story. Carson can't love while Laney doesn't want to love but good sex and good banter keep these two tethered to each other throughout the whole book. Stewart's first person POV's kept me engaged throughout the story. The second half of the book was complete perfection in my opinion. I saw a more vulnerable, unguarded side to each character which made them much more likeable for me. The first half there were numerous times when I wanted to shake Laney a little bit; her neurotic back and forth drove me crazy. But overall an enjoyable, lovely read. 

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