Book Review: Jacked Up

Jacked Up (Bowen Boys #4)

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Since James Bowen married Elle Cooper’s sister, tall dark and handsome Jack Copeland has become a permanent fixture in Elle’s life. A silent, rather annoying fixture, with his arrogant aloofness and my-way-or-the-highway attitude rubbing her the wrong way. So she does what any self-respecting woman would: aggravate the wits out of him for fun.

Party girl Elle Cooper is everything covert operative Jack Copeland doesn’t want in a woman. Outspoken, sassy. A smartass. Too bad when he closes his eyes, all his mind conjures is her. To everyone else, he comes off as intimidating and unapproachable. Everyone except Elle. So he does what any self-respecting man would: stay the hell away from her. But when Elle gets herself in deep trouble, all of Jack’s protective instincts kick in and keeping his distance is no longer an option.

With Jack and Elle in such close proximity, sparks are flying all over and it’s only a matter of time before they ignite. The only question is, who will kill Elle first, the vicious drug cartel hunting her or Jack?

TeriLyn's thoughts: Elle Aycart does fast and fun so well. She also does witty banter to perfection. And the sex was scorching hot. Jack and Elle light up the pages of this story with their undeniable chemistry and hilarious back and forth points of view. They fight hard and love harder even when they don't want to admit it. Jack Copeland is dead SEXY. He's the rough, growly alpha who finds his love interest to be a real big pain in the rear yet completely irresistible. I ADORED watching him succumb to quirky, hilarious charms. And Elle Aycart is a carefree fun loving girl who loves nothing more than to tease and torture Jack. The two of them truly are just plain fun. 

Aycart's writing in the third person flows effortlessly. I felt immersed in the story and read it quite fast enjoying the pace and structure. Since I haven't read the entire series I can definitely sayJacked Up reads sweetly as a perfect standalone story. I'd be happy to read these two characters in many more stories.

Lori L. Clark

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