Book Review: One Good Reason

One Good Reason (Boston Love #3)

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Zoe Bloom has her life figured out. 
After a childhood spent begging for scraps on Boston street corners, she’s clawed her way to a successful career and a safe place to call home. She knows exactly what she needs to survive — a bit of money in the bank, a roof over her head, food on the table. Friends and family are a luxury she can’t afford. And forget about frivolous romantic entanglements. She can barely juggle her own problems; she certainly doesn’t have time to handle anyone else’s crap…

Parker West has spent his life running.
From responsibility. From obligation. From the corporate CEO position he’s always been expected to take over. He’d rather climb Kilimanjaro than sit in a board meeting with stiffs in suits. When a crisis at the family company forces him to return to Boston, he has no choice but to stop chasing adventures — temporarily. As soon as things are back in order, he fully intends to sail off into the sunset…
Until he locks eyes with a mysterious blonde who screams trouble and sets his senses on fire. For the first time in his life, Parker doesn’t want to run. In fact, when it comes to Zoe… he may want to do something he’s never done before.

ONE GOOD REASON is a full-length contemporary romance about a girl who’s spent her life just trying to survive… and the man who finally teaches her how to live. Due to some sexy scenes, suspenseful moments, and a foul-mouthed heroine, it is recommended for readers ages 17 and up. 

TeriLyn's thoughts: **One Good Reason generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Another fantastic Boston Love story from Julie Johnson. One word you'll find in my Julie Johnson book reviews is definitely "effortless". It helps describe every aspect of her story telling from the writing, the dialogue, the characters, the structure, the flow. Johnson makes it incredibly easy to fall in love with her stories. Every. Single. Time. When a new Julie Johnson book becomes available I read it in no more than two sittings because of how comfortably fun I feel while experiencing something new from this author. This book is no exception as Johnson gives us an icy heroine who's met her match in a fiery hero; an interesting match up in these two new characters that make reading their story just good, old fashioned fun. 

Sheathed in good humor, sass, and romance, One Good Reason exemplifies all the qualities I love about this author's story telling. The main characters and connecting again with characters from the previous two books makes One Good Reason a comedic, contemporary, stand alone romance based in Boston when a sassy, confrontational Zoe starts falling, against her inner will, for the charming, manchild Parker. Told strictly from Zoe's first person point of view, we journey into a new realm of Johnson's writing. Her hero here isn't your typical uber-alpha but rather a more subdued, light, charming alpha with a woman who's cold, guarded personality is anything but beta. He wants her to loosen up and she's just not sure how to do that the navigation of that dynamic between them together makes for a great love story.

Thus why Julie Johnson couples are always perfectly suited. She knows who they are separately and knows equally what kind of mate they need to make them whole. She allows for a visceral reaction from her readers when sparks fly between her characters. You can feel the energy of their connection and how much fun each of them are having with the other even when one doth protest too much. Added bonus: her characters always lead readers on an adventure. What I enjoyed most about Parker West and Zoe Bloom was definitely their banter. Comedic wit slung at each other through well-crafted dialogue makes reading romance so much fun. Johnson really excels at providing this kind of commentary from her characters. Her writing doesn't dwell and is constantly fluid moving the story forward in a very natural way. Using clever pop culture references and sarcastic tones she makes Parker and Zoe beyond compatible their passion becomes a visceral feeling. 

They way in which this hero and heroine are written and how their relationship blossoms really worked for me in a way that left me smiling throughout and after when reading over highlights and favorite passages. I have so much highlighted in my Kindle that I wish I could share to properly give examples of what I'm taking about. Simply, One Good Reason is a book that just makes you happy. It makes you feel light and good. It's a perfect illustration of falling in love in a very unexpected, fast, adventurous, funny way. 

If you're a fan of comedic contemporary romance books there's no doubt you should read the Boston Love Series by Julie Johnson. Her high-caliber writing, addictive wit, and lovable characters will leave you reeling for more and more stories from Boston. One Good Reason gave me additional secondary characters for whom I'm crossing my fingers get their own stories in the future. 

*Readers Note: While each book of the Boston Love series definitely can be read as stand alone stories it's my opinion you should read them all. You don't want to miss out on the beginnings of recurring characters in the series because each story is highly entertaining and worth the read. 

Lori L. Clark

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