Book Review: Escaping the Edge

Escaping the Edge

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Addiction. The very thing I crave. The thing I need more than my next breath.
I can’t live without it. But I have to. It tore my parents apart. And now, it’s tearing me apart.

I’m wrecked with guilt over losing my best friend. My other half. I blame myself. I know I’m not the one who stole his last breath. No, it wasn’t me, but it could have been. Drowning. That’s all I’ve been doing since he left me. Drowning in my addiction. In my pain.

I’m turning it all around. I’m leaving the drugs and alcohol behind me. All with the help of him. Ryan. My saving grace. The one who can put me back together. But, will I only bring him down, or will he save me?

My name is Avery Bennett, and I am an addict. I’m in love with a ghost, but my heart is being stolen by someone I never saw coming. 

Lori's thoughts: Something about the description of this book made me decide to take a chance. Probably because I'm no stranger to the world of addiction. Not me, personally. Just people who have been in my life at various times. The book's portrayal of addiction and the long road of overcoming it is pretty much true-to-life. The storyline was a good one. Reading through the book, I kept thinking it was a solid 3-star for me. Until I got closer to the end and it bumped up to a 4-star. I never felt completely in touch with the main character, and I'm not sure why. Ryan was a blessing to Avery, and he often seemed to be a little too good to be true, but he was pretty awesome. There were a few editing issues. Nothing major. Sweat for for sweet, a forgotten or extra word here and there. But I know firsthand what it's like to edit a book until you're blue in the face, so I won't hold it against the author. Overall, a good read.

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