Book Review: Harmony and High Heels

From New York Times Bestselling author Tracy Wolff and International Bestselling author Katie Graykowski comes a sizzling tale of heartbreak, Harley-Davidsons and high heels …
Harmony Wright is a bad girl living a good girl’s life. From the time she was born, she’s always been the good twin. The ladylike twin. The twin her high society (or at least as high society as you can get in San Angelo, TX) mom likes to parade in front of all her garden club friends. She’s gone along with it, too—wearing pearls and Chanel when ripped jeans and motorcycle boots are more her speed. But when Harmony takes off for an extended visit with her twin sister, Lyric, she leaves her good girl persona in the dust …
Dalton Mane knows what it is to be bad and he’s more than ready for the peace that comes with living the good life. Once the crown prince of a powerful biker gang, Bastards of Hell, he walked away from it all when tragedy struck. Now the general manager of the Fort Worth Wranglers, he spends his time wheeling and dealing in the sports world and all while keeping an entire team of football players in line.
When Harmony crashes into Dalton, his tidy little life is over. Will he give up everything to keep Harmony out of trouble?

TeriLyn's thoughts:  **Harmony and High Heels generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**

Another fun book from this author duo. The Fort Worth Wranglers series delves into romantic comedy effortlessly. It's so easy to get folded into the pages of Harmony in High Heels thanks to "five alarm Harm's" antics and the man who adores the hi jinx. With Lyric and Heath returning from book one in big ways, Harmony's story flows that much better. We see another side of these zany twin sisters and the two men accompanying them. 

Dalton Mane has his life under control and succinct. He's a little bored yet likes it. That is until he finds Harmony Wright wielding a pool stick in a mini skirt whilst facing danger. From there on he jumps on board Harmony's crazy train quest to prove to her debutante mother that she's not the prim and proper Southern girl baker everyone thinks she is in order to secure to her own contemporary, television baking show. Destruction is the name of Harmony's game and she's all in to win. With crazy plans to prove she's a bad girl, diabolical pranks to prove to Dalton she's untouchable, and Dalton's sweet acceptance this bad girl baker is a force to be reckoned with even as she drags her twin sister down with her. The plot is chaotic, full of humor, and seamlessly written by Wolff and Graykowski making it easy for me to read in one evening. The characters are truly lovable and loads of fun. Seeing the Wright sisters in action with cameos from some old and new friends the book will just make you smile. 

If you're a romantic comedy book lover this is a series for you. The writing is good. The stories funny, zany, and sweet. And the characters great fun. Harmony in High Heels is a little edgier than Lyric and Lingerie's more geekier side which is in total agreement with the Wright twin sisters. The flow of their lives and how they mesh as sisters, friends, and cohorts fits perfectly with the men they fall in love with. Enjoy this book and smile - it's worth the ride. If there's any plans for future installments from Fort Worth I'll be all in again with the next set of fun-loving characters. 

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About the Authors

Tracy Wolff

Tracy Wolff collects books, English degrees and lipsticks and has been known to forget where—and sometimes who—she is when immersed in a great novel. At six she wrote her first short story—something with a rainbow and a prince—and at seven she forayed into the wonderful world of girls lit with her first Judy Blume novel. By ten she’d read everything in the young adult and classics sections of her local bookstore, so in desperation her mom started her on romance novels. And from the first page of the first book, Tracy knew she’d found her life-long love. Now an English professor at her local community college, she writes romances that run the gamut from contemporary to paranormal to erotic suspense.

And for all of those who want the unedited version:
Tracy Wolff lives with four men, teaches writing to local college students and spends as much time as she can manage immersed in worlds of her own creation. Married to the alpha hero of her dreams for twelve years, she is the mother of three young sons who spend most of their time trying to make her as crazy as possible.

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Katie Graykowski

I write romantic comedy with lots of heart. I like scuba diving, Mexican food, chocolate cream cheese frosting, movies where lots of stuff gets blown up, and sparkly things. I have a husband, a daughter, and three K-9 kids. I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me an email at

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