Book Review: Secret Sins

Secret Sins

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Her name is Cinnamon. Cin for short. Band mates Strat and Indy don’t know anything about her except she’s smart as hell and sexy as heaven. They can’t agree who gets her, so they do the only thing two best friends could do. They declare her off limits to both of them.

Margie, AKA Cinnamon-you-can-call-me-Cin, has a thing or two to tell these guys.

Nobody “gets” her. She’ll let them know which one she wants when she can decide between them. Until then, their little pledges and promises aren’t her problem.

Her family is her problem. Her friends. And the world-famous blues rocker who has her cornered. He’s her problem too.

This may be one problem she can’t fix without some help.

TeriLyn's thoughts: This book. This heroine. This intricately webbed Drazen world. There are no words for the magic CD Reiss creates within this dysfunctional family. Secret Sins adds more haunting pieces to the Drazen puzzle. She nuances the Margie Drazen we already know and love by giving her so many more layers, portraying her humility, and exposing her vulnerabilities. 

A personal note: I write this review as an established mega fan of all Drazen siblings and their sordid stories. While Margie's stand alone story is definitely a fascinating place to start if you haven't read any C.D. Reiss books, my thoughts come from a deep rooted love affair with this authors story telling within the Drazen world. 

Two rock stars. One virgin. And one very big secret. The exposure of which I guessed fairly early on in the book. The guess fueling a desire to actual discovery while amplifying the colorful prose and gritty plot. Secret Sins takes readers on a journey unlike any other. Raw depictions and unfortunate circumstances tailor this story to play on your most delicate emotions. Each of the three main characters tangle your thoughts and your heartstrings endearing each one of these unique characters to you despite the obviously taboo situation they've created. 

Knowing large pieces of this particular cruel, unusual, awesome and addicting Drazen world, Reiss's always brilliant writing lent itself towards somewhat of a memoir for Margie. This character reaches deep within her scarred soul to share a story. A personal and difficult story. The prose is almost melancholy yet so spell binding in it's delivery. It's evokes feelings of uncertainty about what's happening. Glee and humor. Betrayal, loyalty, manipulation. As Margie's life unravels, I unraveled with her. I have newfound respect for this woman I thought I knew something about. Turns out, I didn't know nearly enough and what I've learned makes me respect her even further. Urges me to know more. To understand her. It makes me curious and outraged and curious again. She knocks your socks off, Margie Drazen does. 

Even if you know nothing about the Drazen world, Reiss made it blindingly clear that you need to exist within it via her intelligent prose. As with any other Reiss created Drazen story there's something bigger working underneath the surface. Something that will blow your mind long after the end. Something that will continue to unravel with future stories. Something, that if you've been immersed in this world before, will shed new light on past stories and give you extra insight and a little push to read those stories again. 

Given that, I find it prudent to mention this author's extreme talent in creating a piece of work that gives fans something to talk about for a long time after it's over. You find yourself reliving Margie's story by remembering what you learned of her from other Drazen series. There's an urgency to rediscover her parts in her siblings stories allowing your discussion to branch out to other members of the family. And there is always an immediate NEED to analyze, assert, and theorize what-in-the-ever-loving-name-of-sweet-baby-Jesus-in-heaven C.D. Reiss will write next for these people. C.D. Reiss writes conversation starters that last over the course of each new installment she writes. 

So yeah, basically, Secret Sins blew me away. It'll go places you don't expect even when you're expecting them. It's a gorgeously emotional book you don't want to miss that, again, begs the question - Where is this brilliantly gifted author taking us next? Who freaking knows. But I assure you I'll buy my ticket to jump back aboard the Drazen crazy train in order to find out. 

Lori L. Clark

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