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At the height of the Great Depression, thousands of families who have lost everything are left with no choice but to make the pilgrimage westward in search of a new life. Some will find what they're looking for. Some will not and will then be forced to make the long journey back home. Then there are the others, those who never make it to either place because they made a stop along the way in a town called Exodus, an abandoned silver mining town in eastern Arizona where nothing good ever happens and most folks never leave.

The Carlsons--John, his wife Anne, and their newborn baby James--are one of countless families heading west, and they're one of many unfortunate families who decide to make a stop in Exodus. The sign on the highway promises food and gas, both of which the Carlsons need. But the sign doesn't advertise all that Exodus has to offer.

It doesn't mention the torture.

The cannibalism.

The death.

Caught now in a horrifying world of madness, Anne has to fight to save her family, though doing so will push her to the very brink of her own sanity.

*A horror novel for mature audiences only.

Lori's thoughts: I have read this author's work before, and I saw this new release, so I thought why not? First off, if cannibalism, incest, gore, guts and blood disturbs you, you probably won't find this book to be your cup of tea. I can tell you one thing... I will never look at sausage links in the same way again. The story is well written and quite the page turner. It reminded me of the movie "Wrong Turn." The storyline was like a bad car accident. Afraid to look because you don't know what you might see, but afraid not to look because you don't want to miss anything.

Excellent page-turning tale. Not for the faint-hearted.

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