Book Review: Break Point

Break Point

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Juliette Smith, star tennis player, is starting over at a new university. Traumatized by hazing at her last school, all she wants is to attend classes, win tennis matches, and be left the hell alone.
She should have known her coach, Drew King, would be a problem from the moment he flexed his sexy-as-hell forearms.
What happens when you mix a pissed-off woman with a bunch of snooty teammates and a hot coach?
A heated match, complete with team politics and a forbidden game of singles with the coach.

It’s reckless and hot until one of them taps out.

Unable to admit she may be better off as a double, Jules is convinced she needs to play the game of life alone. Then life throws her a lob and she runs smack into her past.
Coach King is back, and he wants to take control of the game. But she’s not certain she wants his advice when it comes to the life she’s built.
The power struggle is on, but this time off the court.

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Jan 09, 2017

it was amazing
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**Break Point generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**

"That's what matters." Stars

Rachel Blaufeld always manages to provide an angsty and entertaining sports romance story. My thing isn't typically contrived angst resulting from a heroine who has insecurities and hang ups she refuses to admit or accept but Blaufeld finds unique ways to compound and humanize those issues to fully hold my attention. With Break Point we meet a young woman who falls for her tennis coach stretching limits of a taboo teacher/student-esque romance as well as a coming of age type story for this heroine. Everything they go through from the time they meet until the end felt like something plucked right from a college campus. It's a hard story, sad and regretful, yet it's laced with tones of humor, hope, and devotion.

Coach King provides much to love about the story. He sacrifices and does what he thinks is right to give Jules the best shot she has to succeed. As an aspiring tennis player yet young, naive woman Jules doesn't see things so clearly. She did frustrate me at times, I think a reader needs to be set up for that. She's unwilling to fold in her beliefs because she's beyond scared. This quality in her really gives us a sense of maturation and growth as we come to the conclusion. As her and Drew navigate unknown of their future we get a true sense of his self and his commitment even as he's making a colossal error in his career. There's a certain other character to the story who provides such distinct comic and sweet relief from the angst that you'll adore.

As always Blaufeld's writing pointedly depicts her story. It's honest and witty, sarcastic and full of real life situational prose. I find myself immersed in her writing as I sat sit down with her books and it's easy to read in one sitting thanks to the level of her gift. I love that she takes risks with her characters and allows you to fall for them despite their flaws. She makes them real and she makes her readers feel every evocative part of them. Break Point serves as a New Adult/Contemporary Romance told from dual first person points of view that will leave you satisfied and smiling.

Beta Read. 

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