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The Someday Girl (The Girl Duet #2)

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The movie has wrapped, but the drama is just getting started… 

Katharine Firestone finally has everything she’s ever wanted — new house, new car, new status as a Hollywood A-lister. And yet, she’s never felt more isolated. As the movie premiere creeps closer, Kat spends her days playing an infatuated co-star for the press tour cameras, and her nights wondering what the hell she’s going to do to fix the mess she’s made out of her personal life.

One broken girl.
Two heart-stopping men.
One impossible decision. 

Torn between the heartbreaker she tried to avoid and the man she never saw coming, Kat will be forced to answer the ultimate question: Do we get a say when it comes to choosing our soulmate?

Love. Lust. Passion. Paparazzi. The road to fame and fortune is never easy. And, in the City of Angels, the only place they guarantee a happily-ever-after is in the movies… 

THE SOMEDAY GIRL is a tangled contemporary love story about a girl learning to love — her friends, her career, her soulmate, and, most of all, herself. It is the second installment of THE GIRL DUET, concluding the angsty, addictive storyline that began in THE MONDAY GIRL. Each installment is approximately 95,000 words. Recommended for readers ages 17+ due to strong language, sexual situations, drug use, and other mature elements.

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Jan 31, 2017

it was amazing
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**The Someday Girl generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**

"Choose sunshine, baby." Stars

There was something very pleasantly unexpected about the conclusion of Julie Johnson's Girl Duet in The Someday Girl. The story to me revolves around choices. And the author talks a lot about that within this story. The choices we make to be happy with ourselves our direct reflections of the choices we make live a fulfilling life with someone else. Johnson highlighted a new way to look at life and love. A simplistic and less fleeting feeling about the loves of our lives and we can make each count in life and love if we choose to do so.

The Someday Girl revolutionizes Kat Firestone, our heroine. This is truly her duet, her self-reinvention, her coming of age. From young, hardened girl with a chip on her shoulder we watch Kat flourish and flounder to discover who she is, what she wants, and how she goes about getting it. We watch her slowly fill in the chip with confidence and assurance. She's a work-in-progress kind of girl whose faults and vulnerabilities relate to young women everywhere. These traits humanize her to readers and make us feel deeply to her as we can empathize with the same emotions we've felt in ourselves. Kat is a woman who makes mistakes I believe any one of us would make if thrust into the the same circumstances as she. Her learning and growth from those raise her up and make her whole. The choices Kat makes to get her where she needs to go ties into the entire tone of the story. And when she starts making choices based on her own happiness rather than that of anyone else we see her shine.

Grayson Dunn and Wyatt Hastings are mere backdrops for Kat's evolution. I had a clear "winner" of her heart I wanted to see and I got it (YAY!) but to me, what she finds out about herself through the two of them was more important. However, the story does keep in line with the romantic and angsty tones of The Monday Girl. And I found it quite pleasurable that both heroes make mistakes and snap judgements. They are two people of totally opposite direction, self confidence, and lifestyle yet the same in the ways they do or have effected Kat emotionally. They are flawed in their seeming perfection and I like that in a hero. Where a heroine feels small and as if their on a pedestal she can't reach, to see her come to value that the pedestal is of her own making is quite refreshing. It's an interesting dichotomy and how Johnson chose to play that scenario out worked great. You end up feeling greatly about both of them.

The secondary characters - yeah - I can't even go there. But there's a sub plot working beneath the main threads of the story that will captivate you and devastate you. Great secondary characters, some of my favorites of Johnson's. And as always her writing is magnetic and jumps right off the pages of this book. It's laced with humor and charm, raw emotions, and realistically simplistic tones toward theme and plot. While the setting is Hollywood and all of the craziness that surrounds it Johnson managed to keep her characters level and steady even when they're at their absolute worst. She took everyday feelings and sensationalized them against the backdrop of stars and celebrities. Julie Johnson went nitty gritty with this duet and she did it beautifully. The Someday Girl provides a great conclusion to this duet of books and I encourage romance lovers to read it.


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