Beta Reading

Looking for a beta reader for your manuscript?

We've recently added beta reading to our repertoire and if you need a beta reader, you've come to the right place. As of right now, this a free service because a few of the ladies on the blog have expressed an interest in beta reading.

Contact us at with the genre, word count, synopsis, and approximate time frame you require for your feedback, for more information!

Incomplete requests will, unfortunately, be deleted. Thank you for your attention to detail. :)

Editing Services:

***NOTE: Basic Proofreading is 25% off and Content/ Developmental Editing is 50% of through the end of the year (2014).***

Welcome to Southern Belle Editing. I am so glad you are interested in learning more about the services that are provided. Let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my services.

I live in the (mostly) sunny Florida Panhandle with my swoon-worthy husband, Brian, and two beautiful daughters, Faith and Lena. I am from a little southern town and have a “Southern Belle” accent which draws many, “You are so precious!” comments at writer conventions. My avid reading has spilled over into my professional world as a middle school Language Arts and Reading teacher. Since I refused to keep books in my classroom that I had not read, I soon developed a love for YA novels.

Thus began a career change and even greater love of books. I began my career as a full-time beta reader for New York Times Best Selling Author, Rachel Van Dyken three years ago when Rachel was only on book two of her career. I am lucky enough to be able to still work with Rachel but, have also branched out into acquisitions, beta reading, and content editing for Blue Tulip Publishing while working as an Administrative Assistant to the CEO of Turquoise Morning Press. I also work as a freelance developmental/content
editor and beta reader.

I enjoy reading historical romance, new adult, contemporary romance and young adult genres.

However I have also found a love for paranormal and fantasy novels, as long as they are not too scary or dark.

**Please note** I do not edit or read erotica.

Basic Proofreading

This type of proofreading is used best with manuscripts that have been line edited and just need another basic proofreading and another set of eyes to check for :

* Grammar
* Punctuation
* Spelling
* Subject-Verb Agreement
* Correct Usage of Words
Pricing: $.0045per word

Content/Developmental Editing (2nd read through after changes included)

This can be done in multiple ways depending on the authors needs. The first way would be to submit the completed manuscript for content/developmental review. I use Microsoft Word for this and would leave detailed comments for the author to review or if the author prefers the additions can be added into the manuscript itself for author to read and accept changes desired. The second way this can be accomplished is working closely with the author at the beginning of the writing process to give help with direction, advice, and vision. I would help you make your manuscript ready for the editing phase and do a final read through if desired. (For new authors, I do suggest the latter).

Examples of things I work with authors on:

* Setting
* Characterization
* Scene Suggestions
* Scene Strengths and Weaknesses
* Order or Reordering of Scenes
* Plot Development (Strengths and Weaknesses)
* Voice
Pricing: $500.00 for up to 70,000 word (.0080 per each additional word).

****For multiple services a fee can be negotiated to meet the needs of you, the author, and myself.

Liza Tice
Chipley, Florida 32428

Phone: 850-326-7447